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Community Bank

Need Cash and Not Near a Bank? A Community Bank ATM Card Will Save the Day!

(ATM surcharge fees may apply)

Debit Card

Use Anywhere You See A Master Card logo!

Card Control With Our Mobile App

Going on vacation? Don’t forget to put on a Travel Notice with the mobile app! A Travel Notice alerts Shazam that you are traveling to avoid any interruptions in service.

Real Time Falcon Reporting

To help further mitigate fraud, Community Bank partners with SHAZAM to perform real-time decisioning that will actually decline the riskiest transactions at the point of sale. Using the assigned fraud score, real-time scoring determines how risky or unusual the transaction appears to be. The higher the score, the more likely to indicate fraud. The scoring engine rates these transactions based on card usage patterns and provides either an “approve” or “decline” message to Community Bank and SHAZAM based on a predefined score threshold or special rules.

Check Free Convenience

  • It’s widely accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard logo, and more readily accepted than checks
  • You can leave cash and the checkbook at home, and there’s no need to get traveler’s checks for your holiday trips.
  • Decide you do need cash? Just use your check card at an ATM or retailer where you can get cash back.
  • Manage and track spending using our online or mobile banking

* If you use a bank’s ATM other than Community Bank’s you may be charged a fee by the owner of the bank you are using. To avoid the fee look for an AllPoint ATM.

55,000 Surcharge Free ATM Access +

Allpoint Logo

Community Bank is part of the All Point Network. This Network has over 55,000 free ATM locations nationwide. All Point offers an app that can be installed on your phone to locate ATMs near you wherever you are!

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Lost Your Card?

Don’t worry, simply call 1-800-383-8000.