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Community Bank

Wire Transfers

Aside from your day-to-day checking and saving account management, sometimes you need other banking services to transfer money in a different way. Wire transfers are a go-to method for transferring money to a different account quickly and securely. Whether you’re a personal or business banking customer with us, Community Bank is happy to assist you with both domestic and foreign wire transfers available at any one of our branches.

What is a wire transfer?

Wire transfers are electronic transfers of money from one account holder’s bank to another bank. A traditional “bank wire” describes a domestic transfer processed via a network of banks within the United States. International transfers (also referred to as “remittance transfers”) allows customers to send funds to individuals around the world via transfer service agencies.

When requesting a wire transfer at your local bank, you will need to provide the amount you’re sending to the recipient as well as their name and bank account number. You’ll also pay any applicable fees at your banking office.

Why perform a wire transfer?

There are several benefits and reasons as to why you might opt for a wire transfer over other forms of sending money:

Speed and Processing Time

Faster than setting up direct deposit, wire transfer money can arrive anywhere from a few hours to a few days later—depending on where it’s going and when you initiate the transfer. Setting up a wire transfer takes a few short minutes, and most take no longer than two business days to process if not completed within the same day. However, international wire transfers may take extra time, often an additional day or two. Recipients also don’t need to wait multiple days for funds to clear before using them, as the money moves into their account directly.

For preapproved Community Bank business customers, you can save even more time by submitting your wire transfers information online. Call us to activate this feature!

Significant or Long-Distance Transactions

In certain scenarios—such as buying a house or sending money abroad to relatives—using cash, check, or electronic payment applications might not transfer funds fast enough for your recipient. Wire transfers are likely your best bet in these times, as the balance will be available for immediate use once complete. Plus, this method allows a high daily transfer limit, meaning you can send large sums of money worry-free.

Peace of Mind

Wire transfers are widely accepted as an efficient and secure way to guarantee your funds are transferred or received. Although bank wires do require a fee to send, this charge depends upon the wire transfer destination. Domestic incoming wires will generally cost the least amount of money, whereas international outgoing transfers will cost the most. Check with your branch to discuss your options based on your wire destination.

Domestic and International Wire Transfers with CBW

Considering a wire transfer for a big or time-sensitive payment? One of our customer service representatives can help you complete the forms needed for you to wire transfer money effectively. Are you already a preapproved commercial customer with us? Enjoy the convenience of performing your wire transfers online! To initiate a wire transfer with Community Bank.

Wiring Instructions to receive a wire into your account with Community Bank Wichita:

Receiving Financial Institution: Community Bank Wichita
Receiving FI Routing Number: 1011-1487-9
Beneficiary Account Number: Customer's Account Number
Beneficiary: Customer Name (person/company to credit)
Beneficiary Address: Customer Address